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With the internet, you have wellness articles at your fingertips, and there is little you cannot find. But there is also danger in such ease because not everything you find and read is true or reflects reliable facts. It is important, though, to stay abreast of what is going on so you can adjust and incorporate new findings into your daily life and make decisions right for you.

I love to read wellness articles from major institutions like the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic and Duke. They are based on research and their presentation is knowledgeable and objective leaving space for me to form my own thoughts. This is very important to me since I believe we are not statistics as long as we are alive, and that we have to tailor the information to our personal needs and personality.

Most likely you will chose wellness articles which address you immediate personal concerns. Choose a reliable source and if you read something which scares you or causes concerns, do more research to reconfirm the facts.

The same applies to wellness articles about nutrition. What a controversial area! Corporate vested interests, farmers profitability, personal likes and dislikes, vegetarian or not, vegan maybe? You can read dozens of wellness articles but in the end, you will have to make your personal choice about what you would like to eat and what is best for you.

Which decision did I make when it comes to food? I was a vegetarian for a very long time but am eating meat again, following the Mediterranean Diet, a proven anti-inflammatory diet consumed in many parts of Europe for a very long time. Expansive scientific studies are documenting the value of this wellness program. When eating at home, the food is organic and as chemical free and unprocessed as possible. When going to a restaurant, I will make the healthiest choices possible and still pleasing the emotional part of me; when being invited to dine with friends in their home, I enjoy the company and food and don’t worry about it.

By reading a broad spectrum of wellness articles I stay informed, know what is going on, and make the healthiest choices based on knowledge and what feels right.   

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