A Passion for Motorcycles

A Passion for MotorcyclesThree bikes and three great guys, a passion for motorcycles, a deep friendship and a sense of adventure is what it took to put this exciting trip together . They plan to have an experience of a life time while nurturing body, mind and soul. Isn’t that what life is all about? We have fun doing what we do, enjoy each other, love ourselves and take care of our inner and outer needs. I am intrigued by motorcycles, I love to watch them, and I see these three exceptional men in my mind as “knights of the road”. When I close my eyes, I can see medieval knights galloping and conquering the road. Yes, I am a romantic and I invite you to visit with our three motorcyclists: Julian, John and Bruce in our spotlight below. They are ready to go to the motogp motorcycle races in Austin.

Spotlight Video



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