Dr. Larry Bergstrom of the Mayo Clinic

Dr Larry BergstromThe name Mayo Clinic is synonymous with medical excellence. But there is so much more. The vision and mission of the founders, Drs. William and Charles Mayo, giving hope to patients and offering the best care possible, have always been maintained. The patient comes first and it shows!

The Mayo Clinic has created a Humanities in Medicine program to support musical performances, visual art exhibits, theater and dance events, workshops, lectures, and art programs for patients. There is nothing more soothing and calming than walking into the lobby and listening to the piano music played by volunteers or patients on a concert piano. It helps relieve the anxiety and brings peace and harmony. The Center for Innovation, CFI, was created by the Mayo Clinic to promote forward thinking and innovative approaches in healthcare and you'll find more details in "Did You Know". The Mayo Medical School is the most selective school in terms of acceptance rates in the US. These are just a few of the many extraordinary aspects of the Mayo Clinic. And, I haven't mentioned the exceptional doctors who practice cutting edge medicine, the friendly and caring staff, and not to forget, the tasty food in the cafeteria! You can find more detailed information on the Mayo Clinic and other related links in the "Did You Know" icon below.

One can easily see why the Mayo Clinic has always been a beacon in the medical field. The vision and mission of the founders, Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie Mayo, to give hope to patients and to offer the best care possible, have always been maintained. The patient comes first and it shows!

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My interview with Dr. Larry Bergstrom, Associate Professor, Internist and Integrative Medicine specialist, was conducted at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. The time flew by, and I wished the clock had stopped and Dr. Bergstrom could have continued. It was exciting and informative, and I hope you'll share my feelings after watching this extraordinary video.

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