Spiritual Coach

What is a spiritual coach? Is it a minister, a religious advisor? It is neither. A spiritual coach is an extension of a life and wellness coach addressing the spiritual quadrant of the wheel of health . I believe that all the different coaching methods: life coaching, wellness coaching, personal coaching and spiritual coaching and online life coaching are all interlinked and a great professional coach will use all of them. Separating the 4 quadrants in the wheel of health would be unproductive and not in the best interest of the client.

A spiritual coach will help the client to trust and believe in themselves. This is a vital step in building a platform for future growth.

During spiritual coaching the client will also be made aware of how important it is to go toward something and not run away or be in denial. Going toward means having confidence, being optimistic, and seeing the bright side; running away or being in denial means remaining attached to the negative aspect of what you want to change.

In spiritual coaching a lot of emphasis will be given to the empowerment of the client, the unlimited potential within everyone. The spiritual coach will help tap into this source and assist the client to discover the limiting beliefs, which can stand in the way of living the desired life, and how to remove them.

Everyone has dreams, the difference between achieving them or not is whether you believe in them strongly enough that you keep the passion and desire alive to make them happen. A spiritual coach will assist in defining those dreams and creating an action plan to make them happen.

I believe in the harmony of the four aspects of the wheel of health : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Like in my example of the bicycle wheel: if one quadrant is out of shape, the ride is rocky and shaky. A great professional coach can assist in defining the problem and finding ways to improve the harmony.


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