Stale Brie?

shutterstock 100602298With all the care I put into food shopping, I ended up with a “stale” Brie cheese. It looked great, felt great, no expiration date, but when I let it get to room temperature, it was dry and not the soft creamy texture I expected. Should I throw it out or is there a way to make something delicious with it?

I cut it in thicker slices, put it on a microwave dish, placed some chopped, dried cranberries on it, a little red crushed pepper and some drops of blood orange oil. A few seconds in the microwave on high (be careful not to over cook, you just want it soft and a little runny). Carefully place it on a cracker or thin slice of crisp French bread. It is delicious and a great recovery!

Be creative, one can always find a way to create a Cinderella story in the kitchen!

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