Sharing my cooking ideas with others, who like to prepare tasty and healthy foods while staying within a budget, is a dream which I have harbored for a long time. Using wholesome ingredients readily available for preparing dishes with lots of flavor is gratifying. Food is like wine, it has to have a "bouquet", a rhapsody of flavors which pleases the pallet and leaves a lingering enjoyment. It has to be "full bodied", "balanced" and slightly tingle the taste buds, not overwhelmingly, but enough to wake them up - all this with a focus on health and nutritional balance.

Food is an important part of our wellbeing - physical and spiritual. It satisfies our physical needs, but it also fulfills spiritual needs. It offers beauty, aroma and taste. Savoring a delicious and well-served dish appeals to our senses and brings harmony into our being. The next time you sit down to a meal prepared with love and attention, savor it with your eyes, be grateful and enjoy it with the knowledge that it will be beneficial and pleasurable.

I love food and always enjoy the time spent around a table. What creates better vibrations than "breaking bread" together and enjoying the food, wine and each other's company?

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Sweet Baby Bell Peppers

Healthy, sweet, colorful and so easy to prepare. You'll love the sweet and fresh taste.

Green Beans Almondine

This is a very versatile green vegetable, smooth and gentle in flavors and goes with most anything. It always is a favorite at our dinner table.

Wine Cream

A light and delightful variation of the traditional wine cream. We had some guests over for dessert and drinks and three of the guests had gastric bypass. Lots of dietary restrictions, sugar is one of them. By using the sugarfree gelatin, they could eat it and enjoyed it tremendously. Give it a try!

Sorrel Sauce

A delicious sauce for salmon, enhancing the flavors and offering a beautiful presentation. There are many different ways to prepare this delicious sauce. Here is a very simple method which I use often. You can grow sorrel yourself. I grow mine in a pot in the backyard and have it always available.

Hungarian Goulash

A very popular dish in Germany and I grew up with it. There are many variations, but this is what I remember when I was a child. My mother didn’t have any written recipes, so when she died, while I was still young, I couldn’t preserve her personal recipes but I cook some of them from memory trusting  my taste buds.

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