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Baked Cod on Vegetable Bed

Any mild fish will be delicious with this preparation. The colors, when you use a white fish, are very appetizing and appealing. The flavors are intense and will tickle your taste buds.

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Carbonade Flamande

A sumptuous beef stew cooked in beer – a great Belgian classic. Living in Belgium for many years, I have enjoyed different variations of this wonderful dish. I hope you'll enjoy my interpretation. Give it your own twist, be creative! 

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Chicken Breast in Roemertopf (Clay Pot)

Having been raised in Germany, this cooking style is very familiar to me. Please make sure, when buying a Roemertopf, that you do not buy the glazed kind, since it will not absorb the moisture during soaking. To obtain the desired results, the soaking and cooking in the steam released from the clay are essential.

Chicken Tenders

This is a very tasty and healthy way to use the chicken tenders which often are fried. They were cut off the chicken breasts used in other various recipes, or just purchased. They are juicy and beautifully seasoned. Give it a try!

Chocolate Mousse

This is one of my favorites and a very popular dessert at dinner parties. Any chocolate lover will be in heaven! I normally serve it in a large crystal bowl in the traditional French style, and each guest takes as much as desired.

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