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Chicken alla Cacciatora

I was born and raised in Southern Switzerland, where the Italian influence is very prominent. During my early years, my mother, like most women in those days, would cook two full different meals a day (imagine that...)! This is one of my mother's recipes, not a quick one but still one of my and my family's favorite. Buon appetito!

Fiorenza graciously offered this family recipe to all of us. I cooked it and loved it! Give it a try!

Chicken Breast in Roemertopf (Clay Pot)

Having been raised in Germany, this cooking style is very familiar to me. Please make sure, when buying a Roemertopf, that you do not buy the glazed kind, since it will not absorb the moisture during soaking. To obtain the desired results, the soaking and cooking in the steam released from the clay are essential.

Lemon Barbecued Chicken Breast

A great and easy way to prepare a chicken breast, and what a wonderful opportunity to share this delicious meal with family and friends. There is nothing more relaxing and comfortable than serving a tasty meal outdoors while enjoying nature and delightful company.

Mediterranean Style Chicken Breast

I love Mediterranean flavors and like to use them whenever I can. This is a popular dish in our home and I am sure you will enjoy it as well. It is tasty and serves beautifully.


Walnut Crusted Baked Chicken Breast

This is one of my favorite chicken breast recipes and much appreciated by our friends. You might think this recipe complicated when first reading it, but it is not. Give it a try! It is tasty and worth the preparation. You'll love it!

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