Dessert & Snacks

          Chocolate Mousse

          This is one of my favorites and a very popular dessert at dinner parties. Any chocolate lover will be in heaven! I normally serve it in a large crystal bowl in the traditional French style, and each guest takes as much as desired.

          Spicy Nuts

          Nuts brought to a new level! My friend Diane gave me this recipe and I tried it. It is so delicious that I had to share it. Easy, simple and fast. How good can it get? I am certain you and your guests will love them. Also great for a gift.

          Wine Cream

          A light and delightful variation of the traditional wine cream. We had some guests over for dessert and drinks and three of the guests had gastric bypass. Lots of dietary restrictions, sugar is one of them. By using the sugarfree gelatin, they could eat it and enjoyed it tremendously. Give it a try!

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