Urfa Pepper or Isot Pepper Flakes

Urfa Pepper or Isot Pepper Flakes

This is a pepper which is not a must but a really nice to have. When you have used it, you’ll find many ways to incorporate it in your dishes.

It is a pepper grown in the Urfa region of Turkey, sundried during the day and wrapped and sweated at night to infuse the dried flesh with the remaining moisture of the pepper. Use it when you are looking for moderate-medium heat and it adds a smoky, raisin like flavor to your dish. Very pleasant and not overshadowing the dish.

If you cannot find it in your markets, you can order it in from Silver Cloud Estates www.silvercloudestates.com) where I get it from. Give it a try, it is worth the investment.


Did You Know Urfa Biber
Silver Cloud Estates


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