Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is not what I serve often, although I do enjoy a "high tea" when I have the opportunity. We had some friends coming to our home in the afternoon and because of time restraints and dietary restrictions, we decided to serve tea with berries (not very traditional but the only thing our guests could eat).

Growing up in Germany the tradition was to serve coffee with cake in the afternoon. My mother loved it and she always had some cake available. I never got very much into this habit, but enjoy it when I am in Europe. Our friends don't drink coffee, so we made it a wonderful "British event".

afternoon-teaAfternoon Tea Party

It was very simple since there were many dietary restrictions. I tried to serve it in the nicest way I know and everyone enjoyed it. An important thing to remember is that even the simplest meal can become a feast when served beautifully and with care and mostly if it is what pleases your guests.


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