Chocolate 250Who doesn’t like chocolate? For most it provides a feeling of satisfaction and comfort. Isn’t it wonderful that it has evolved from "taboo" status to a more desirable and healthy addition to our diet? To be able to indulge in this sweet delight and knowing that it is good for us – how good can it get? 

Please keep in mind: Chocolate is high in calories, fat and sugar and has to be consumed with discrimination and in limited quantities. The impact of any food on your health and weight should be a concern and any decision to indulge must be based on your health requirements and medical advice. As Socrates said "moderation in all things".

Also, there is a big difference in what kind of chocolate is consumed. Where was it made and how much cocoa does it contain? This affects potential benefits as well as taste.

Rule of thumb: Dark chocolate is healthier with a cocoa content of 65% or more and not more than 3 oz/day.

For further information, check out the experts below in “Did You Know” and make your own decision about what is best for you.

With science leaping ahead in giant steps these days it always amazes me how much there is to learn. I love to keep up with new discoveries and incorporating new or healthier nutrients into my diet. Having been raised by a health oriented mother, it became natural practice for my sister and me. She owns a health food store, and I try to walk my talk.

Did You Know Can chocolate be good for my health?
Dark Chocolate Is Healthy Chocolate


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