Yoga PostureMany years ago when I lived in Brussels, I started yoga and loved it. We had great yoga centers and the yoga taught was mostly Hatha yoga. Then, in a seminar, I met a yogi who taught, besides Hatha yoga, Kung Fu (Chinese Yoga) and Egyptian yoga. I loved the combination of the three forms and became one of his students and later taught it. We had seminars in Brussels, France, and I also went to Africa a few times, where he had a school. It was fascinating to practice with people from different parts of the world. Our community in Brussels was very active and it offered a wonderful sense of belonging.

What did yoga do for me? It gave me balance and allowed me to keep a healthy mind and body. The meditations which followed our sessions were uplifting and calming at the same time.

If you haven’t tried yoga, take a closer look. There are no age limitations. You don’t have to sit in a lotus position. A chair is fine. I remember one of my students, an elderly lady, who didn’t want to give up yoga after having broken her hip. She came back shortly after her surgery and I had her sit on a chair, execute the movements she was able to do and participate in the others in her mind with closed eyes. Her recovery, according to her doctors, was amazingly fast. It can be intimidating looking at the yoga postures (asana), but there is no need to be hesitant. It doesn’t matter how far one can stretch and bend, what matters is to do it with the right mind set. There is no stress, it would defeat the purpose.

I believe we all should include yoga and meditation in our daily routine. It is tremendously beneficial and assists us in living a healthy and happy life by keeping the body and mind in harmony. In our busy lives finding this window of peace and quietness is a gift we owe ourselves.

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