Walking - a Great Way to Exercise!

WalkingWalking is a healthy way of exercising and we should all do it more. Like many things, getting into a routine takes discipline and in my experience, I need to have some kind of a record, a way to see my progress, and to be held accountable, even if it just to myself. I record things like  how far I walked, the route I took etc. Not being a natural athlete and not wanting to exercise just out of pure joy to do so, this is very important to me. I started pushing myself to a higher level and competing with my prior performances. Moreover, I use the time to meditate and to do my appreciation exercises. Easy to do, just look around you. 

I came across this app for my smart phone and really enjoy it. It makes a world of difference for me. Keeps me stimulated and engaged. Check out the link below in "Did You Know" and let us know how it works for you!

Did You Know Walk Mapping


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