Chia Seeds

Chia SeedsA little while ago, I ran across Chia seeds when shopping and bought a package. They have
been around a long time; I just haven't used them and was really intrigued. I am always interested in broadening  my horizon and improving my nutrition.

Surprisingly, much has been written about these seeds, and there are many uses and recipes to be found  on the internet. I haven't used them in recipes yet. I just eat them with a spoon. They do not have much taste at first,  but the longer I chew them, the better they taste. Isn't that true for many grains and foods?

When researching these seeds, I found the information quite interesting and thought it was worthwhile to incorporate the seeds in my daily routine and to share this information with you. Check it out in "Did You Know" below and make up your own mind. You'll know if Chia seeds are right for you. Don't over think, just educate yourself and then fly with your intuition. 

Let us know what you think on the Forum. We always love to hear your thoughts and to learn more from our members.

Did You Know Salvia Hispanica
Chia for Health


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