Tai Chi

shutterstock 106394726 250When living in Belgium, I had the privilege to work with a Chinese Tai Chi master and really loved it. I was a yoga disciple and instructor, and Tai Chi complemented beautifully my quest for wellbeing and balance. My life took me away from it, but I am seriously thinking about taking it up again.

When traveling in China, it was so beautiful and serene watching people practice Tai Chi in parks, rooftops and anywhere else they felt comfortable doing it. I wanted to join them, but never had the courage to do so. I enjoyed being a passive participant though, and still feel the serenity of it all.

If you haven’t been introduced to it, the links below will give you some insights. It is a great stress reducer and don’t we all need this in our busy lives?

Did You KnowTai chi
Video: Tai chi


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