A beautiful morning, an inspirational session on my biofeedback. How better can one start the day? My body and spirit are in harmony and I am ready for a wonderful day.

How does the biofeedback help me? I have done a lot of meditation in my life, alone, in groups, with yogis and also have taught it. I got away from it from time to time; it went into the background but never completely. As one of my spiritual teachers told me once: “It is like taking a breath, assimilating the lessons and experiences, and then being ready for new life lessons and growth”.

So when I sit at my computer with my biofeedback on, I concentrate on my breathing, develop a mantra in my mind  and repeat it over and over again in the rhythm of my breath. For me, it always has to do with flying, the infinite, the unlimited, God and my Source. So my mantra is often: I fly with my God and my Source; then I add to it from time: “I am well, I am abundant”. I do this because I am developing a thought pattern, a mantra, which I can use during the day when things tend to trouble my energy field, even agitate me or create some emotional reactions. I can easily go back in my mind and re-create this feeling of wellbeing by repeating my mantra.

The biofeedback helps me to focus, to spend 20 minutes with my breathing and my mantra and I try to do it multiple times a day, whenever I can spare the time. I sometimes ask myself the question: “can I spare the time?” The simple answer is that it benefits me tremendously, and helps me to live a better and happier life.

You can also do this in meditation without the biofeedback tool. You go into your meditative state and repeat your mantra over and over again until it becomes part of you. When you feel that it balances your mind, you have found the way to use it anywhere and anytime. The purpose is to find a way to recreate this mental condition during the day when one cannot close ones eyes and go into a meditative state. I can do this when driving a car, in a meeting, any time and everywhere.

My mantras change. The interesting thing with biofeedback is that I know when one works and one doesn’t just by the recording colors. So I can adapt to where I am at that point in my life. It is an easy way to know what allows me to go into the “coherent state”, as it is called, the harmony between your mind and body. But as I said, biofeedback is not the only way, just a beautiful tool.

Let’s get going. You will benefit tremendously of this exercise and life will become more colorful, more enjoyable and you will be able to handle the “hick-ups” of your daily life with more ease and serenity. Here are a couple of links where you can check it out. Please share your thoughts with us on The Forum.

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