Open Blue

Open Ocean Raised Fish


shutterstock 63136888 250Watching the story of Open Blue on television, I was very intrigued. What an innovative way to raise fish and how refreshing when compared to traditionally farm raised fish. I recall seeing rainbow trout farms in Idaho. They diverted the Snake River and raised the trout in their natural water but in a very controlled environment with no pollution going into the Snake River. Great results and the trout tasted fabulous.

When shopping for fish, it feels great not only selecting the healthiest fish choices, but also  knowing that I am doing something for the environment.

Coming across this broadcast on Open Blue, I found it an interesting, environmentally friendly way to have healthier and better tasting fish. The way of the future maybe? Check it out!

Did You Know Open Blue
How to Raise a Cleaner Fresher Tasting Fish


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