Which Seafood Should We Eat?

When it comes to eating fish and seafood, we are hearing and reading much about pollution, contamination, farmed or wild … Confusion reigns, and there are important choices to make when standing in front of the fish counter, and some are difficult. 


I am very much an environmentalist and an animal rights person. In order to enjoy eating fish, I need to know that it has been caught in “safe” waters and in a way which is sustainable. The choices are sometimes more limited and the prices are higher. By adjusting your recipes and cutting down the portions, you can overcome these obstacles.

What else can we do? Ask your favorite fish merchant and restaurant to promote sustainable seafood options and support those companies which do. The power of teaming together is unlimited and we can eat healthy seafood and maintain healthy oceans at the same time.

The link below helps me with my choices. Check out the app for your smart phone too. For me, it makes shopping for fish a breeze!

Let us know on The Forum if this helped you in your fish selections, or if you have other good suggestions on how to shop for the healthiest seafood.

Did You KnowSeafood Recommendations from Monteray Bay Aquarium
Blue Ocean


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