Farm Raised Seafood - Is It Safe?

Farm Raised SeafoodYou might have some concern buying farm raised seafood after reading about the farming standards and the quality of fish. It is not always possible to find wild caught fish, especially in Tucson Arizona. So I researched this issue in more detail. In the “Did You Know” you’ll find links to more information about farmed fish which will assist you in making better choices when purchasing your seafood.

As with wild fish – all farmed seafood is not the same. There are different standards in farming, but it made me more comfortable knowing that good and healthy farm raised seafood is available, if you know where to look and how to evaluate what is offered for sale. Yes, it is more expensive, so I cut the portion sizes down a little to make it more budget friendly. Quality should not be ignored, and good cooking requires good ingredients. Do not compromise quality, your health depends on it! And, … you are worth it!




Did You Know Whole foods market
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