Fish Oil - Omega-3

Fish Oil-Omega 3 450After you have watched Dr. Larry Bergstrom’s video (if you haven’t, please do - it is in Spotlights), you might have asked yourself how you can improve your intake ratio between Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids. The Mediterranean diet is a great way, but I have also added supplemental Omega-3 to my daily regimen. It offers many health benefits and many reputable studies have been conducted. I imagine you are aware of this, and you might have wondered if this would be one of the wellness ideas to include in your daily life.

The vitamin/supplement industry in the US is very little controlled and the labels don’t necessarily tell you what the product contains. Just a trace of an ingredient allows the manufacturer to mention it in the ingredient list. So how do we know which vitamins to choose? is a great source of information about supplemental vitamins and minerals. They test different products from a wide range of companies so you can get good data on supplements you may be considering. They also provide useful material about specific ingredients, recent research findings, benefits etc. I have enjoyed my subscription for quite some time. I feel confident that I am making the right choices to enhance my health and well-being.. There is so much out there and as a consumer it is difficult to track the quality level.

As a life & wellness coach I am frequently asked how I feel about taking supplements. I never recommend anything, but I do feel confident about recommending sources like, the Mayo Clinic, and other reliable sources of information.

For your convenience I have posted the link to in “Did You Know”.

Silvia Coggin
life & wellness coach
publisher and author inspiring a happier and healthier life


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