Leg Exercises

Leg Exercise 450Most of us spend a lot of time at desks and in front of our computers. We forget to stretch and to walk around from time to time because we are too absorbed in what we are doing. This takes a toll on the circulation in our legs but some brief periodic exercises are very beneficial.

The video in “Did You Know” below, from the Mayo Clinic, is short but well done and I wanted to share it. It is very easy to do, doesn’t have to interfere with your surroundings, the bands can easily be stored in your desk, and your legs will be ever so grateful! A few years ago when I attended a conference at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, we all received a package containing, among other goodies, Dyna-Bands.  We used them every so often, and it made such a difference in my energy and alertness. What a brilliant wellness idea.

Try it; you can even have them in your handbag or briefcase! It is a beneficial and easy wellness activity, fitting into any schedule and environment. Please share your thoughts. Perhaps you have other methods for giving your body a break from periods of inactivity.

Life & Wellness Coach


Did You Know Mayo Clinic Leg Exercices

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