Happiness Within

Lake 250Realizing that happiness comes from within and not from outside, brings empowerment and freedom. We are in control and can decide if we want to be happy or unhappy. It all depends on our attitude and our thoughts. Deciding that we will be happy no matter what, who, or where is the start to a happy and fulfilling life. Life is happening and people around us can be difficult, but it is up to us how we choose to face it and feel about it. We cannot control the outside world but we can control our thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes keeping happy thoughts proves to be difficult. This is when it is time to go within and take distance from what is bothering us. Putting our thoughts on pleasant experiences from the past or looking at beautiful things in the present can help tremendously. When we consciously do this, with all our being, the troublesome thoughts disappear and good feelings follow.

Happiness within includes balance, joy, and a non-judgmental attitude. It is completely up to us to make that choice. No one can make this choice for us and no one can bring us happiness if we are not open and ready.

Making the decision to be happy is one of the most important decisions one can make. It is the key to a fulfilled and happy life. For some happiness is a natural state, for others it takes some effort; but everyone can reach this state of "bliss" if the desire is strong enough. Let's start with our thoughts and if they don't make us feel good, let's think of something which will. The longer we can stay focused on better feeling thoughts, the happier we will feel.


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