We Need Each Other

shutterstock 60937225When we are down, distressed and troubled we are inclined to reach out to the people close to us, family or friends. Can they make it better, or maybe have it all go away? Not really, but it feels good to have someone to talk to and who listens.

But how often does the person we reach out to spring into action and tell us what to do and how to feel well again. This springing into action comes out of a loving place and is based on good intentions. But it isn’t what we had bargained for and what we were trying to find. In reality, we just wanted someone to crouch down next to us, to make us feel loved and understood, someone who was empathetic and made it about us and not about them. Just a little attention, warmth and caring will allow us to take some distance and to be able to handle it in our own way.

So, when you are in that situation next time and someone reaches out to you, remember that you cannot fix anyone or anything for someone else; it is their journey and they deal with their choices and issues. But you can be a loving ear and an open heart. You can show that they are not alone and that they are loved. A good listener is a true blessing. We all need each other.



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