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We need our space to recharge and to be with ourselves. Just a little time every day, saying hello to yourself and asking “how are you self?”

A time of meditation, breathing or walking helps to balance our energies, to find the peace and harmony within us.

My life is very hectic and sometimes quite rocky. I keep my balance (most of the time!) by taking moments of stillness multiple times during the day. Sometimes that’s quite difficult to do, but I can always find a few moments to breathe. Stuck in traffic? Great opportunity, just don’t close your eyes!! Waiting for friend or client? I find that when I am with people and they have to take that phone call, text someone etc., that instead of getting uptight, I just breathe. I remain relaxed, a smile on my face, and I enjoy these few moments of quietness which allows me to recharge and rebalance.

Do you feel like giving it a try? Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then, when you take the next breath think “I inhale wellbeing”, and when exhaling “I release resistance”. Do it a few times. Use other words which mean more to you. It is your exercise!



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