It's Just Not Like It Used to Be

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Have you heard people say “it’s just not like it used to be” and it was filled with regrets for the past and discomfort with the present?

I feel sad when I hear this, because there is nothing we can do about the past. And in reality, if we would go back there, we most likely wouldn’t find what we remembered and wouldn’t fit in because we have changed and are not the same as we were then.

So how about focusing on the present and “make it what we want it to be”. It is your life! When we look at a garden with open eyes and an open heart, we see the beauty. When we look at the same garden with thoughts about the one we had before and we think we liked better, we cannot see the beauty in front of us.

Being anchored in the past does not allow us to enjoy the present and to create a promising future. Let’s cut those cords and let’s focus on the now, the present, the beauty surrounding us and the people we live with. Life is a journey and every segment of it is worth living. See yourself open and excited, ready for a new day. There will be moments bringing the thought “it’s just not like it used to be”. Embrace those memories, just don’t get stuck there. A new chapter is always starting, enjoy it to the fullest!


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