Life Lessons

shutterstock 114947038Every moment in life is a lesson, if one wants to learn and to grow.

One can observe and ask “why did this happen?”, or one can decide it is the other’s doing with no personal involvement or responsibility.

In the first scenario, there is no hurt, there is only the wish to make it better and to avoid it in the future. It is based on love.

In the second scenario, there is hurt, frustration, the wish to punish and give the hurt back. This choice is based on ego, not love.

Looking at it is this way, isn’t there only one way to go to have peace, balance and joy in life? Lots of times things are said in ways we don’t like, things are done we wish were different, but is this a reason to make oneself unhappy, block life energy and take the joy of life out of one’s existence?

Acting out of love always brings joy even if the result is not what we expected. If we act out of pure love, not tainted by ego, there can only be joy doing the right thing out of the right feeling.

Let’s leave hurt feeling, unfulfilled expectations, and disappointments at the coat rack and let’s enter the dancing floor to dance the dance of a cheerful and joyful life. Let’s fly and spread our wings. We are the captain of our ship and we sail the way we want to.


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