What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

SunriseWe all have heard those words, and lately they became quite public in the theme song for “Fairly Legal” and they resonate with me.

What are those hurdles in our life?

Just to name a few: Challenges, contrast, change and any other event or feeling, which we haven’t consciously invited into our reality but which appear and have to be dealt with. These are painful experiences, stretching us to the maximum, making turmoil out of our emotions and if we don’t deal with them, will make us sick.

We all have these experiences, some of us more than others. When looking at them as a growing opportunity, the edge is taken off and we feel more empowered to deal with them. Will they be less painful? Not really, but they become a temporary event, limited in time with a positive outcome.

How can we deal with these challenges? Meditation is a great tool, going within and finding this place of peace, being good to yourself by incorporating some things you love, not blaming yourself or others for what is happening, thinking more of what we want to achieve than what is, not talking so much about it and drawing more energy to it, cooking and being in the now.

Life is a journey and like any journey, there are highs and lows. Nothing lasts forever and there is always the sun shining after the storm. Focus on the sun and let the storm rage by.


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