Comparing Yourself

Dunes USEDWe all have been conditioned to strive for better, to achieve, to be ambitious and to climb the ladder following  role models who have more and who we might even think are more.

This is not a healthy way to live. There will always be someone richer, wiser, younger, prettier, or more successful. As long as we compare ourselves to others, we will never find satisfaction, happiness and will always feel lacking, inadequate and wanting.

Personally, I realized that while playing golf. I want to be a better golfer but only compared to myself, to my last game. I like to improve but I do not worry about the handicap of others. When I started playing golf, I played with very good players who were friends of mine.  I felt inadequate and did not have much fun. It truly stressed me out. That’s when I decided to have my own goals and I set my bars to the height I felt comfortable with, stretching, but not trying to be someone I am not. What was so amazing is that it really didn’t affect anyone else. By relaxing, I became a better player, was more fun to play with and started really enjoying myself.

Applying this to all aspects of life is a wise and healthy thing to do. It offers more joy and happiness and it allows us to achieve our goals . We are all different, our goals and desires are as varied as there are people. So why try to live someone else’s life and their goals?


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