Gratitude lifts our eyes off the things we lack
so we might see the blessings we possess

Max Lucado  

So often we focus on what we don't have and forget what we have. That doesn't mean we shouldn't want more, aim higher and raise the bar. What it means for me is being grateful for what I have, appreciate where I am, celebrate my achievements to this moment and then go on to pursue my new goals.

Gratitude is an essential part in my daily practice. I start my meditation with a gratitude prayer, when things don't go as I wish they would during the day, I try to remind myself of all that is well. Gratitude brings joy to the heart. It allows you to look at the mountains and truly appreciate their beauty, to feel the sunshine on your skin, the wind in your hair. It allows you to appreciate the people in your life, the jobs you are fulfilling, and the life you are living. It allows you to strive for more and to keep your happiness and balance.

Join me in my gratitude prayer:

I am grateful for who I am, the people in my life and the life I am living
I am grateful for who I was and
I am grateful for who I am becoming
Life is good


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