The Day of Your Choice

SunsetYou have planned your day, all is going smoothly and you feel great. No clouds on the horizon and you are enjoying yourself. What could wrong? All is well.

And then the computer gives you trouble. You make a mistake and erase data you needed. It is time for a restore, you tell yourself, but somehow you cannot get access to it. Now the wonderful feeling from earlier is gone, stress has set in, and you are irritated and frustrated.  The day which looked so promising became all of a sudden dreary and complicated. Nothing goes right. Maybe you even blame someone else for the problem so you don’t have to take responsibility?  Haven’t we all gone through episodes like this? It is so easy to give in and let the day spiral down, and we spiral down as well.

This is the time to take a breath and step back, inside and outside. Take physical distance from the problem, and think pleasant thoughts. Take a break, and let peace flow through you. Release the resistance and you will find a way to solve your problem. It is easier to solve a problem with a peaceful heart and a relaxed attitude. Stressing and pushing against it only makes the obstacle larger.

The day still can be the one you planned. It is your choice, but only you have the power to decide how you want to feel.

Silvia Coggin, CPC

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