Does Perfection Exist?

Does Perfection Exist - 250We are always looking for perfection, in what we do, our partners, family and friends. Some of us think we have to be perfect, and only perfection will do the trick and give us peace of mind.

Does perfection exist? I don’t think so because it only exists in the eyes of the beholder. Something might seem perfect to you but very wanting to someone else. You like to look at someone or something which appears perfect to you, and likewise you want to be perceived as perfect by them. Looking for perfection is a tough road to travel. Having been brought up by a German mother who was looking for perfection, I speak from experience. It took me many years and lots of heartache to reach a point where I didn’t look for perfection any longer - but for joy, happiness and wellbeing in everyone and everything, myself included. I do the best I can. I give it my all every time. There is this little voice sometimes trying to propel me to be super woman, and I hear my mother telling me that "it" is not perfect and that I have to do better. I smile at the memory and let it go, knowing that I gave it my all and that it is good enough.

So why put so much energy into doing or being someone perfect if we are the only ones to experience it? How about looking for what makes us feel good, makes us happy? It doesn’t have to be perfect, just the right thing at the right time.

In my opinion perfection doesn’t exist. It cannot exist because everything and everyone, me included, are in a state of constant evolution and growth. What seems perfect today doesn’t mean it is perfect tomorrow. So let’s live in the present, let’s do things which feel good and just make sure it is the right thing to do. Let’s appreciate ourselves for who we are and happiness, joy and wellbeing will follow. The waiting rooms in doctor’s offices are filled with people who look for the wrong things and who have forgotten to pursue what makes them happy. Let’s not be one of them, and live the life we want to live filled with joy and happiness. Let’s forget our search for perfection.

Silvia Coggin
life & wellness coach
author and founder of 


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