Accept Change

Accept change 450Life is constantly expanding and everything is in motion. We might have the impression that things remain as they are, but that is only an illusion. Nothing is static in the universe, and we are part of the whole. But because we get settled in situations, circumstances, and perceived comforts, we often perceive change as a challenge. We do not want to move on, to rise to the occasion. We just want to keep the comfortable feeling and maintain things as they are. But there is no way to keep a status quo for very long, and then the discord between where we are and where the expansion is pulling us gets stronger and stronger and we perceive it as a challenge. In reality, it is an opportunity. Let yourself go, relax into it and, as the saying goes, go with the flow. I like to visualize an image of myself floating in the river of life, going with the stream and not getting troubled when boulders bring turbulence into the river. It feels sometimes that I am white water rafting, but as long as I relax into it, feet pointed down the river and head above the water, the ride can be quite exciting, even thrilling.

Create any image you want of how you see yourself. For me, water is important, and when challenges arise, I can relax into my white water ride. I can have a sense of humor remembering how scary it was when we did white water rafting in Maine some years ago, and how exhilarating we felt having conquered the rapids and our initial fear.  

Enjoy the ride! Change can be very fulfilling and rewarding. Welcome and accept it! It will happen anyhow, so why not embrace it?

Silvia Coggin
life & wellness coach
author and founder of providing inspirations for a happier and healthier life  

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