Being Busy

Inspiration 250In our culture and time, being busy is a given, we all have more to do than we can fit into a day. It doesn’t matter in which arena we play – job or home.

Being busy can be a good or a not-so-good thing. We chose how we look at and handle being busy.

“Busy” can keep us interested, focused, young and happy as long as we have fun, know how to step back when needed, and allow adequate time for ourselves and loved ones. We know that slowing down is good for us, and that a relaxed mind copes better. We then feel balanced and in touch with the energy of life.

The not-so-good side is when we become stressed, when we repeat a mantra “I am so busy, I am so busy…”, when there is no time for oneself or others, when the feeling of running behind and a mountain to climb ahead becomes overwhelming and depressing. We feel that we are out of control; we are no longer the master of our ship. The fun is gone and there is no space for joy and happiness.

Why not take the duck as a role model: calm on the surface and paddling vigorously under water, meaning let’s keep a calm and composed mind, prioritize, stick with it, find ways to get organized in an efficient way, do things with heart and a positive attitude and then “paddle” with energy and joy to get it all done. No mantra, no complaining, just gratitude for another fulfilling day.

Being busy is good, it all depends how you look at being busy and how you deal with it so you can live a joyful and uplifting life.

Silvia Coggin
life & wellness coach
author and founder of providing inspirations for a happier and healthier life 

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