BlessingsWe have so many blessings, the grace of waking up every morning, having the sun shine on us, the wind blowing in our hair and caressing our face, the smiles of people surrounding us, the health and joy of working, being able to make a difference in people’s lives, and the list could go on and on.

We are blessed, and our life is a gift, an opportunity and a journey we should embrace. Let’s look at all the beauty around us, and let’s do a gratitude prayer for being alive and able to enjoy it.

Let’s lift our eyes and let’s spread our wings. Our life represents what we think and in order to change circumstances or situations we don’t like, gratitude and appreciation of our blessings are the fastest way to get where we want to be. Appreciating your blessings will bring you joy.

Imagine contemplating nature in an enchanted place, feeling elevated, enthralled, uplifted, and so grateful and happy to be there. You feel blessed just being allowed to live this special moment. You can create these feelings in your daily life by just stopping and offering a gratitude prayer, seeing beauty around you, and realizing that there is always something beautiful to discover. At times it may take a little effort to see the loving face of your pet, the vibrant colors of a flower, or the singing bird in a tree. But when you have the desire and intent to find gratitude for all your blessings, your heart and soul will be filled with joy and your spirit will fly. Blessings are everywhere, open your eyes and your heart and you will be amazed at just how fortunate you are.

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