Controlling our Surrounding

Controlling our Surrounding 600Do we need to control our surrounding to find peace and quietness? Is that even possible? I don’t think so. It is one of the things which cannot be controlled. As long as we push against it, try to change it and control it, we will not find this place of peace and serenity we are aspiring to. We will be stressed, in a mode of blame which is a form of judgment.

Here is one scenario: We are ready to meditate and announce that we are ready, that everyone has to be quiet and make the surrounding “perfect” and “suitable” for us. We are controlling the people around us and force them to make the “nest” for us. We are controlling our surrounding and the people around us creating stress in others so we can find our peace.

Now let’s look at the other scenario. We are ready to meditate. We chose a space which is away from the hustle and bustle of the family, somewhere in the yard just surrounded by birds and nature, or we close the door to a room, put earphones on and start our relaxation and meditation.

Looking at both, leading to the same result, which one would you chose?

This can be adapted to many happenings in our daily life. We can push against it, try to control it or we can let go, find our place and relax. As long as we push against it, there is no peace and stress will build up. There is no positive outcome since we cannot control the uncontrollable.

Next time a situation arises and the two choices are available, let’s use the one based on mindfulness, love and caring. It is a smoother ride and brings more happiness and satisfaction.

Silvia Coggin, life & wellness coach, author and founder of

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