Letting Go

Letting GoSo you are not treated as you would wish to be, things are not running as smoothly as you intended. Are you reacting with irritation, disappointment, or regrets? Or do you accept the circumstance, even if it is difficult to handle, and allow your life to unfold without the stress of trying to paddle upstream?

A better way is to encourage people to live up to their potential so they can realize their desires and their dreams. You will never know to what they aspire, and you will never “really” know where they came from or what baggage they carry.

So be kind and loving. Acts from a loving heart usually bring joy. A big lesson in my life was to learn that one cannot control the uncontrollable. When one acknowledges this and goes with the flow, accepting others for whom they are and seeing them through the eyes of love, life becomes easier, less stressful, and one is open for new things to happen. You can then experience great adventures and discover promising mountains to climb.

Try letting go. You will let the light back in, see the world in brighter colors and enjoy the people around you far more deeply. Your life will become less stressful and more fulfilling.


Silvia Coggin Life & Wellness coach, Author and Publisher www.notjustcooking.com

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