Being Right

Being Right 450We all come from different backgrounds and have lived lives which are unique to each of us. We accept this variety, it is intriguing and fascinating.

With this knowledge and understanding, why then do we expect everyone to agree with us, to see the world and what is happening in the same way we do?

Next time, when you try to convince someone that you are right and they are wrong, remember that everyone sees the world in different colors and through different eyes. For example: The same movie will have a different impact on everyone watching it, it will resonate, or not, with each individual’s life happenings and the resulting emotions and thoughts will therefore be unique.

I spent so much time in my early years trying to “make people see my point of view”, and it was a lost battle. then I realized:

  • That one of the many beauties of living life in this world is diversity
  • That it is ok to “agree to disagree”
  • That we all look at things in different ways and from unique perspectives
  • That diversity makes life more exciting and interesting

We are “right” whenever we feel good and allow others to do the same.

Silvia Coggin
Life & Wellness Coach
Author and Publisher of

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