Remaining Centered and Balanced

Sunset 600There are times when we have to be with people who we feel are challenging. We fear it, mull it over in our mind, have mental conversations and put ourselves in frenzy. How can we keep our serenity?

We take control of our mind, replace the thoughts of worry and anxiety with positive thoughts, focus on the good of the people we find challenging. We will feel peace settle in and then we can handle the situation like true champions.

Is this easy to do? It will take a little practice, but it is very doable. And the benefits you will reap are worth the effort. Let’s start with the following exercise by focusing on and telling ourselves:

  • I will feel good no matter where, what or who
  • I will see the good in everyone as well as myself
  • I am the master of my ship

You will feel the agitation, worry and discomfort dissolve and the prior agitation will look so insignificant that you can only smile and feel happy again. It is not the other person who makes us feel uncomfortable, it is the thoughts we think that make us feel that way.

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