Attitude USED

Most everything can be handled with the right attitude.   Living life with a cheerful heart and strong faith makes a world of difference. Nothing is permanent and change is inevitable. We can accept any change when we believe that change is good and beneficial, even if we don’t see it at the moment. Remember, the most hurtful events bear light and hope.

We all know people who went or are going through painful times. Some keep a smile on their face and trust better things will come, others give in to despair. The future will look very different depending on which attitude you chose. Yes, it is our choice. There is no one who will do it for us.

Life is full of surprises and things happen that cannot be predicted or controlled. How our future will shape up is directly related to what attitude is chosen. Will you chose hope or despair? Will you be a victim or a fighter? Only with the right attitude and keeping an open heart will creativity flow and only an open heart and open mind will accept the change and cultivate faith and hope.

The right attitude is the key to smooth sailing in life, to accepting what is happening and to strive towards a happy ending. Without, it is a rough journey indeed.


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