Colorful 250In our hectic lives we often forget the joy and all our blessings. We get too focused and too serious. Life is to be enjoyed, a dance to be danced with a cheerful heart. 

You might say, well, there is no one I can laugh with and that’s when you have to remember, you can laugh alone and enjoy things. See the humor and sometimes the irony, and give it a hearty laugh. We laugh alone in movies, reading a funny book, so why not laugh about ourselves when we have silly thoughts and do crazy things? Dance by yourself to a music you enjoy, smile at yourself and laugh with the child within.

Laughter is good for the soul, as they say, but it is also very good for your health. The stress will flow out of you and your whole being will relax. Very little can resist a good laugh. Try it!


There was an exercise we did sometimes in yoga. We were on the floor and started laughing. First the laughter was very timid by the participants but it caught on and then it became a true roar. We laughed at ourselves, at the laughter from others, and how silly and uplifting it all was. We felt light and completely in balance after the exercise.

So let’s laugh together, let’s elevate our spirits and massage our bodies. You will feel better when looking at life with a sense of humor and a laughing heart.

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