With 284 sunny days, there is no shortage of sunshine in Tucson. It is a blessing, and I am grateful for it. Brief sunbath sessions in our backyard help me with one of the symptoms of my health challenge. It doesn’t take it away for long, but I enjoy the benefits as long as they last. And Romeo, our little Yorkie, adores the sun. Just mentioning the word “sunbath” brings him to the door waiting to join me. It has become a cherished ritual, and I look forward to it as much as he does.

Sunshine affects moods and mental attitude as well as physical health. Too much sun can be damaging, though, and moderation is a given, as we know now. This wasn’t always a known and accepted fact, and in my younger years, extended sessions in the sun and a fabulous tan were requisites for a great vacation. Living in Belgium with many overcast and dreary days, I felt compelled to spend my holidays in sunny countries, and Africa and the Middle East always attracted me. Beirut was a beautiful place to spend a vacation, and I understood why it was called “The Paris of the Middle East.” The yogi I worked with had one of his schools in Dakar, Senegal, and I liked to spend a week or two practicing yoga and exploring the surroundings.  We didn’t know much then about skin cancer, and fortunately, I didn’t have to deal with any unwanted consequences.

Sunshine is vital to all life. We often take it for granted but making it a focal point makes us aware of the blessings the sun bestows on us. Being part of a sunrise is an exceptional experience. Try sitting quietly and let the serenity enter your mind and heart. A new day, a new beginning!  It is a perfect moment for a meditation and a gratitude prayer. And don’t miss the sunset, with its pallet of incredible colors while the sun slowly disappears. Listening to the animals, some getting ready for the night, others preparing for their hunt, is a unique experience. A sunset meditation brings peace and harmony.

The spiritual meaning of the sun is multifold, and one can find it in many religions and teachings. For me, the sun is an integral part of life, and the beauty of a sunset and the promise of a sunrise fill me with gratitude.

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Author and Founder of


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8 Responses to “Sunshine”

  1. Avatar Nancy Thorsen

    Looking forward to joining you in the sunshine soon. We had a wonderful time in Hawaii and just returned last night. Now on to Tucson. We arrive on the 28th. See you soon. Keep well my dear friend.

    • Avatar Silvia Coggin

      I cannot wait to see you again. On which island were you? I love Hawaii and remember our trips fondly. Let’s get together when you are settled in and have some time.

  2. Avatar Heide

    I am also looking forward to sunny days. Winter is kind of depressing for me. Enjoy the Tucson sunshine and feel healthy.
    Love to you and your family/

    • Avatar Silvia Coggin

      Hope you’ll have many sunny days waiting for you! We are enjoying some rain today, and it was fun listening to it and the rolling thunders. Took my sunbath with Romeo this morning, and he is such a little sweetie. Wishing you an enjoyable Sunday evening.

  3. Avatar Leanne

    Sylvia I could not agree with you. Ore. I have had skin cancer and I no longer bathe in the direct rays of the sun. I love the solar room we put on our house in the ’80’s and I love to sit out there with all the orchids in bloom during the winter. Onths and count my blessings. I’m so glad you have Romeo to love. I have my kitties. Enjoy every minute of every day my friend. How fortunate we are to live on a planet with the warmth of the sun

    • Avatar Silvia Coggin

      Thanks, Leanne, and I was thinking of you this morning during my short sunbath. The sun helps me with one of the symptoms of my blood cancer, and I am so grateful. Wishing you a most enjoyable day.

  4. Avatar Robert Oro

    Just returned from a trip back to NY. Been 22 years!
    Missed the sunshine that we have here, It reaffirmed that we made the correct decision to “follow the sun” and move to Oro Valley.
    You rock!
    Hi to Steve.
    Love ya
    Bob and Debbie

    • Avatar Silvia Coggin

      22 years is a long time, and I hope you were able to close the circle. Were you able to enjoy the fall foliage during your trip? I know Arizona was the right choice for us as well, although it took me a little while to realize it. Enjoy your day.


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