Social Distancing

These two words, which have brought such a new and profound meaning into our lives when combined, will not be easily forgotten. We will remember this time at the beginning of 2020 for many years to come; two simple words which can mean life or death, and which apply to everyone. The Coronavirus, which makes the world feel like a war zone, requires a six-foot distance from other people, the magic number for social distancing, and the possibility to stay safe and healthy.

Social distancing doesn’t mean social separation; it means keeping a physical distance. We need social contacts to thrive. Remember the twelve daily hugs to live a fulfilled life? We need love and friendships to be balanced and happy, and this becomes even more important in these difficult and painful times. Since physical contact is limited these days, let’s be creative and live a healthy life respecting social distancing while still enjoying our friendships and connections. Here is something we have planned: A happy hour in our driveway, everyone stays six feet apart and brings their chair and drink, we’ll wear face masks and will enjoy every minute of this get-together. I miss seeing my friends and am looking forward to this special time. It will be a real happy hour, different and unusual, but so enjoyable!

Social distancing has become a regular companion, and I try to embrace it and be grateful that I can still stay in touch. Technology is an essential tool in these restrictive times, and it can be beneficial when loneliness becomes too painful. It doesn’t replace the vibrational impact we have when hugging or touching each other, and that’s when talking and expressing our feelings become more important than ever. Technology is a special blessing during these restrictive times. It allows us to chat, look at friends, see their smiles, and feel close.

I am distraught about the loss of lives and the sorrow and pain that loss creates in our hearts. The healthcare workers are like angels, and I pray they are staying safe. It is a stressful and challenging time, and we have to be vigilant not to fall into depression or feeling sorry for ourselves. Solitude can be taxing, but remember that you are in control of your thoughts and decisions. You can only adapt to the pandemic, you cannot control it since it is outside of yourself, but you can control how you feel and how you respond.

When this pandemic will have run its course, and we’ll go back to our more regular lives, I know that sincere gratitude will fill my heart. Let’s strive together to come out of this pandemic stronger and more loving, still ourselves, but more!

Stay safe and be well.

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Author and Founder of

6 Responses to “Social Distancing”

  1. Heide

    You are so right with the social distancing. It is difficult, but we can do it. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, I miss seeing my family and friends. Too bad that I’m too far away to join your Happy Hour. Hope it will be a big success. Also, Happy Easter!

    Big Hugs.

    • Silvia Coggin

      I hope you have been able to see your family. We are observing the masks and social distancing. Steve is worried about my vulnerability. Stay safe!

  2. Robert Oro

    Thanks for our words of wisdom!
    Just going to try and control what we can control. Do not want to gain 20 pounds during this time!!
    Thanks so much for your inspiration!
    Our son is an MD in the Air Force. He just set up the Corona Virus clinic in Ramstein AFB Germany. They were so impressed that now they are flying him to southern Spain to a Marine base that is having big problem. They are flying him there to set up another Corona Virus facility.
    He is a proud graduate of CDO High School ’06.
    Never knew anything like this would happen.
    Hi to Steve.
    Enjoy the Journey,
    Bob and Debbie

  3. Dee Powers

    Hi Silvia,
    I am stuck at home working and am by myself with my lovely cat Chloe. Whenever I do something I don’t want to do or don’t think I can handle, I tell myself it’s only so long out of my whole life. So for this situation, I choose to believe it will be over at the end of April. I tell myself, this is only 6 weeks out of all the weeks I’ve had in my life (3200 weeks!). I can survive this! I survived breast cancer, I can surely survive a few weeks at home alone. A positive attitude is what wins in the end. I pray you and Steve are both safe and well from this virus. Miss you both, my friend. Love, Dee


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