Resist and Resistance

There are many areas in our lives where resistance is required and welcome so reform can take place. Looking at history, resistance was often the beginning of change. It is not so much a question of whether you share the philosophy behind the resistance, but about the energy it can create.

However, as a life coach, I would like to consider resistance from the perspective of our own personal lives. Let’s imagine the following scenario: You hear or experience something you don’t like, and which is painful. A spontaneous and natural response is to resist, to push back against the unpleasantness and pain. But does resistance help? Resisting and pushing against makes the unwanted stronger, and it affects you emotionally. You cannot avoid thinking about the experience, and it occupies your mind. You become increasingly more stressed, and if you cannot stop this process, you can even become physically ill. Your joy slowly disappears, and it feels like wearing dirty glasses that give a distorted image of yourself and your surroundings. And the question then becomes, “What can you do to get out of this vicious spiral?”

Personally, I like to use meditation and mantras. Imagine your body being blocked by wearing body armor. Nothing can pass through unless you remove the resistance, so that light, love and wellbeing can flow again. How can you do this? One way is to breathe deeply and repeat the mantra, “let resistance go and love and wellness flow”. Visualize the blockage dissolving and being replaced by a stream of light, love and wellbeing. The more often you do this, the stronger you become, and eventually there will be no need to resist or to push against. You are back in balance.

There is nothing wrong with getting emotional and feeling hurt as long as you don’t dwell too long in that stressful place. Kick, scream or do whatever you need, and then utilize meditation and the mantra above so that harmony can come back into your life.

Silvia Coggin, CPC
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5 Responses to “Resist and Resistance”

    • Avatar Silvia Coggin

      Thanks so much for your support. I am working with a publisher to get my book published and it is exciting and stimulating. Will keep you posted. Hugs, Silvia

  1. Avatar Bob Oro

    Thanks so much for your words of clarity.
    Yes it is hard not to let a painful situation dominate our minds.
    Debbie and I say we are “in limbo” until the situation resolves itself or we are able to find peace until the situation works itself out.
    Being in Limbo is really tough place to be.
    The best place for us to get our selves “centered” seems to be on the treadmill and breaking a sweat. Many times just a good long walk in a park surrounded by nature really helps.
    This past weekend we went each day to Riverfront Park from Wed through Sunday to experience the Viet Nam Wall coming to Oro Valley.
    Was a very centering experience for Deb and I. It was OK to cry in public as many of our generation are brought to tears when we see all the names on the wall.
    But all in all it was a perfect setting to just realize that all those guys came to our community and share the joy of life with another generation.
    Thanks for being an inspiration!

    Hi to Steve.

    Enjoy the Journey,
    Bob and Debbie

    • Avatar Silvia Coggin

      It is always so uplifting to read your comments. I find peace in meditation. It also helps me when I have painful days. My doctors are always amazed that I find such relief in the hot tub, since hot water normally triggers the discomfort. Not for me. When I sit in the hot water (104F), during the day surrounded by lush landscaping or under the stars during the night, I meditate and feel comforted. I feel the beauty of it all and then slowly my discomfort disappears. I am so grateful and feel blessed. Enjoy your evening. Silvia

  2. Avatar Silvia Coggin

    Hi Bob and Deb, Like always I deeply enjoy your comments. I will follow your steps and do the same. Sounds extremely peaceful, although the roots are violence. Enjoy your day. Silvia


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