Merry Christmas

In just over a week we will celebrate Christmas, and I would like to send my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones.

Christmas is a special holiday for me. Although we had very little, my mother always made it special, and I have kept precious memories of those holidays in Germany a long time ago. I will dedicate an ornament to her during my church visit this Christmas Eve, as I have done for the last few years. My gratitude for all she gave me is deep and sincere, and I accept the feeling of loss not having known her as an adult. I imagine a moment over coffee, chatting about her childhood and life during World War I and World War II, one as a child, one as a wife and mother. So much has been lost with her passing much too early. Do not miss your opportunity to talk with loved ones and explore their treasure chest with them. During the Christmas holiday, a vortex is open to mend broken links and to strengthen existing ones.

Christmas is a spiritual time for me with candles, lights, music, reaching out and going within. We all have our family and personal traditions, carried over from previous generations or the ones we created ourselves, and I hope and wish you will thoroughly enjoy yours.

I have celebrated Christmas in many different ways, sometimes in foreign countries respecting and enjoying their cultures and traditions. But one thing always stayed the same: There was love. In the present turbulent and divisive times, we need to light the candle of understanding and respect for others, extend our hands to embrace differences, and assist where we can. Having doesn’t mean being indifferent to wanting!

Wishing you a most enjoyable Christmas and may the spirit of Christmas stay with you the whole year.

Merry Christmas!

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Author and Founder of


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8 Responses to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Craig Jans


    As always, well done! You are a great writer and what you share, so worthwhile.

    Merry Christmas,

    Sandy & Craig Jans

  2. Silvia Coggin

    Thank you so very much. Your kind words mean the world to me. Merry Christmas.

  3. Heide Longor

    Enjoyed your comments. I feel much the same way.
    Wishing you great holidays with your family and friends.

    • Silvia Coggin

      Thank you and wishing you a Merry Christmas with your family. It is such a beautiful time of the year.

  4. Mike Sedgwick

    Dear Silvia:
    Your blogs are always so full of love and caring, but this Christmas message like the previous one, makes the heart beat a little faster. I would like to share your message with everyone around us.
    A Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a Very Happy & Peaceful New Year.

  5. Silvia Coggin

    Christmas is a special time for me, and I am so gratified that I was able to communicate it. Thanks for your uplifting comment, Mike, and I wish you and Eileen a Merry Christmas and healthy and joyful New Year.

  6. Silvia Coggin

    Short and sweet – thanks for reading my blog and for your uplifting comments. It brings me joy.


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