Life Cycle

Becoming a senior or struggling with health doesn’t only mean that we have less energy, but because of it, our priorities and how we look at things change as well. We might think that our lives are less fulfilling, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We have more free time and can focus on relationships and relaxing activities. A phone call, email or text from a dear friend or loved one brightens the day, a simple dinner with some candlelight lifts our hearts, and a good book is always a faithful companion. Playing with grandchildren and our pets bring pure joy and spending time with loved ones, and dear friends are rewarding. Enjoying this new segment of our life is a gift. Gone are the big parties, exotic trips, and special dinners, and they didn’t leave regrets or nostalgic feelings, but fond memories.  I enjoyed them as long as I could, and then, one day, when entering the sunset of my life, I had to step back and regroup if I wanted to enjoy this last part of my life journey.

The cycle or circle of life starts with our birth, and it comes to a close with our sunset years. The last segment of this journey might come sooner than anticipated, like in my case. No matter when or how, it always requires change, adaptation, and our willingness to live a meaningful life in the remaining time. Having the opportunity to close the circle gently is a blessing. We can focus on the opportunities in front of us, enjoy them to the fullest, and bless every day. My morning walks with a dear friend bring me lots of happiness, and I am so grateful that I can still enjoy friendship and exercise. I also had to accept that hosting big dinner parties had to become a memory because of my lack of energy.  I always loved to cook and still do, but now I prepare simple meals focused on great nutrition. My love for cooking hasn’t changed; just my approach to it. I apply this to all activities I have to give up or adept, and I do it with an open mind and heart. I am still the same, and the only things changed are my rhythm and energy.

There are so many small things packed into every day starting when you open your eyes in the morning. Be mindful when you savor your first cup of coffee and open your heart so you can listen to the birds singing their morning songs. Go within and feel the blessing of another day.  Be kind to yourself. Don’t regret what has passed, but be grateful for all that is. You might have enjoyed the thrill of high-speed trains and jumbo jets, but traveling in a horse-drawn carriage has its charm as well!

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Author and Founder of


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4 Responses to “Life Cycle”

  1. Sandy

    Silvia, another Home Run! God made you so special, and gifted you with such a wonderful way of sharing your perspectives and experiences in ways that fall softly and sweetly on the listener’s ears… to “close the circle gently”. Precious.

    I continue to hold you in my prayers. Remember our Holy Father loves you!


    • Silvia Coggin

      Thank you so very much Sandy. I feel so blessed and grateful when I am able to touch my readers. Your uplifting comments touched me deeply, and thanks for praying for me. You are a special friend.

  2. Robert Oro

    We are blessed to have just gone back to NY to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.
    The most momentous thing I got to do was to run around the bases in the school yard I used to play in when I was a youngster. Wanted to do it one more time!
    You rock! The simplest things are the most rewarding.
    Hi to Steve.
    Enjoy the Journey,
    Bob and Debbie

    • Silvia Coggin

      Sorry for the delay in responding to your kind comments. My website people are working on the website, and it should be running soon again. Thanks for your understanding.


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