Many sources of inspiration surround us, and they can touch us as long as we are open and receptive. Many things can be inspirational: people, books, pictures, quotes, movies, dreams, or you might have a brilliant idea stimulating you to reach new heights. I have been inspired many times, bringing me to who I am. Some shaped my professional life, others motivated me to pursue certain spiritual studies, and others gave me the desire to emigrate twice in my life. Here is a straightforward inspiration, which has lasted for over 45 years and which I still enjoy every day.

One of my friends in Brussels had a little Yorkie, and I was madly in love with this sweetie. She called her Shahbanu, meaning “Empress Consort of Iran.” This little girl was the inspiration for my first Yorkie, followed by three other girls and the little boy now living with us. My love for Yorkies was born many years ago in Brussels, and it has never dimmed. I had the inspiration, but I had to make practical arrangements to allow it to blossom. The apartment I lived in didn’t allow pets. I canceled my lease and moved into a pet-friendly one. I never had a dog, and of course, we didn’t have Google or other search engines at that time. I tried to educate myself by talking with people, but looking back, I don’t think I was very knowledgeable. Still, I knew enough to make Sunny safe and to raise a happy puppy. I cannot imagine not following that inspiration. My life wouldn’t have been the same, and I would have missed out on so much.  

Keep an open mind and heart, so you can become inspired, and never get discouraged if some inspirations do not thrive. Just being inspired is a blessing in itself, and it keeps you young and connected to life. When the impulse is strong enough and touches you deeply, you don’t mind making the necessary adjustments and putting in the work that allows it to grow. Be grateful for the opportunity. I do not spend much energy on inspirations which die on the vine. I enjoy them as long as they last, and then when they get weak and lifeless, I let them go without regrets, knowing that others will pique my interest. I remind myself that some will live, and some won’t. 

Have the courage to explore an inspiration when it presents itself. It might hold a unique opportunity you are looking for. Should you decide not to pursue the inspiration any further, remember that you are wiser because of it and that you are ready for the next one. There is an endless ocean of inspirations. It is up to you to find the one you would like to explore.

Silvia Coggin, CPC
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3 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Avatar Heide

    I am glad your blog is fixed again……I enjoyed reading about your inspirations, you have great insight. Life wouldn’t be fun without inspirations. Mine are not connected to dogs, but nature and art…. Thanks for your thoughts. Looking forward to next month….

    • Avatar Silvia Coggin

      Inspiration is a vital part in wellbeing. I have enjoyed inspirations in all areas of life, and it always has been beneficial. So happy you are enjoying my blogs and thoughts.

  2. Avatar Silvia Coggin

    Your kind and complimentary words touched me deeply. The Little Prince, it has been such a long time and I will have to read it again! Thanks for your support and assistance with my website. It is such a pleasure working with you.


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