Happy Easter

When I grew up in Germany, Easter was a symbol of rebirth and growth, and it meant a lot to me. I received a new wardrobe, my first nylon stockings, and the desired shoes with heels. It was a sign of maturity, of my slowly sliding into adulthood. It was always such a special event to go to Easter Sunday mass, proudly wearing my new outfit.

It is incredible how much we want to grow up at a young age, unaware of the long life waiting for us as “grown-ups.” If we were aware of it, we would most likely hang on to our childhood as long as possible.

Easter is a holiday for new beginnings. In the Christian belief, it symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ and new life, and in the pagan traditions, the “egg” represents new life as well. Easter combines pagan and Christian traditions beautifully, and it shows that contrasts can co-exist and even become incorporated into each other. I vividly remember the Easter egg hunts sponsored by the church for the children, and I had no idea that this tradition dates back to pagan times.

So, we can ask ourselves, why do we have so many difficulties accepting differences and incorporating new knowledge into our lives? Maybe we can meditate about it this Easter, even come to some joyful acceptance. In my mind, I envision it as the beginning of a peaceful world.

I endeavored my whole life to be open to new knowledge, which now helps me handle a severe health issue. This Easter will be unique for me. I don’t necessarily believe it will be my last one, but it will certainly be meaningful. I’ll combine it with the celebration of spring, the rebirth of nature, and hopefully the infusion of more strength and energy into me.

Please enjoy this lovely holiday in whatever way you prefer. Celebrate the aspects which talk to you, and I am confident that you will feel the benefit and beauty of Easter.

Happy Easter

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Author and Founder of NotJustCooking.com



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4 Responses to “Happy Easter”

  1. Bob Oro

    You rock!
    Always great to learn life’s lessons from you!
    You are inspiring!
    Hugs to Steve
    Bob and Debbie

  2. Heide

    Happy Easter. My beliefs as a child were probably similar to yours. But now Easter means Spring and new life and positivity.
    I absolutely love this time of year.
    Wishing you and Steve and Romeo the best. Many hugs….


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