Furry Blessings

Five little Yorkies have made my life special for over 40 years. I am so grateful that they decided to live with me, and now I enjoy my every moment with Romeo, the fifth sweetie.

I didn’t grow up with a pet because my mother couldn’t afford the additional cost. Postwar Germany was not easy, and she had her hands full to feed the three of us. So, I adopted our neighbor’s kittens, when possible, put them in my baby carriage with little bonnets on their heads, and proudly walked around with them. They must have felt my love because they stayed in the carriage and didn’t jump out.

Life went on, and when I lived in Brussels, I decided to get my first dog, a little Yorkie girl. I named her Sunny, and she became the sunshine of my life. She was tiny, full of personality, and I loved her deeply. It was a new experience, and we both learned together. I took her everywhere, and she participated in my yoga seminars, spiritual workshops, and traveled with me when possible. We emigrated to the States together and she adapted quickly to the different and more restrictive lifestyle, as well as to her new daddy, who adored her.

Sunny was followed by two Yorkie puppies, Gigi and Bijou. Traveling with pets was complicated in the US, and I always felt something was missing during my extensive travel years, not having my two sweeties with me. They were so adorable and brought lots of joy and love into our lives.

Mignonne was number four, a little girl again, and she conquered our heart the first time we saw her. She was such a sweet and loving little dog, and she made a big difference in Steve’s recovery from a heart attack and open-heart surgery.

Now we enjoy life with Romeo, our first boy, and it is a new experience. There is a difference between a girl and a boy, but then it is only logical! I tried to educate myself but wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming love this little boy shows us. All our puppies were loving, but Romeo is one of a kind. We named him when he was six weeks old and still living with the breeder. And he lives up to his name. He is a blessing, and I am so grateful that he decided to live with us. He fills the final stretch of my life journey with joy, love, happiness, and lots of laughter. I cannot thank him enough.

Living with a dog has taught me the meaning of unconditional love and to keep an open heart and mind. They do not need to get even or hold grudges. I am a better person for having spent over four decades with these incredible, noble creatures. I wouldn’t change it for anything, and I know I would have missed so much if I wouldn’t have had the courage to move out of my apartment in Brussels which didn’t allow pets, and move into another one just so I could welcome my first Yorkie. Dogs bring so much love and joy, and I bless every day I have the privilege to be with onr.

Thank you, my four little furry angels, and my loving boy Romeo. I wouldn’t be who I am without you!

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Author and Founder of NotJustCooking.com

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