Flying High

Fly high, and you’ll find blue skies. This is a meaningful sentence for me. I started feeling ill before Christmas and didn’t feel better for over two weeks. Between the dreary weather and my poor health, I needed something to hang on to. And it was this sentence which allowed me to climb my emotional ladder.

I saw myself in an airplane flying through dense clouds and experiencing severe turbulence. Looking out, I could only see grey. It was depressing, but I reminded myself that the plane could climb higher to find blue skies and smooth air. And it did. That’s how I saw my physical challenge – a cloud cover which could be pierced if I wished to do so. This knowledge is powerful, and since you are in charge, you can fly as high as necessary. Next time, when I need a crutch, I’ll be more adventurous and see myself as a Blue Angel piloting my aircraft, zooming through the cloud cover at high speed, and breaking into a blue sky in no time. It will be a thrill.

Sometimes we need a metaphor to pull us out of a hole. It makes our desire stronger, and we can more easily visualize a positive outcome. Just seeing myself climbing at high speed to clear blue skies helped me leave my self-pity behind. I felt stronger, in control, and confident that I would improve. I know that episodes like this one will happen more and more often, but I also know that I can equip myself with tools that will help me continue to enjoy my life.

Why write about this? I felt compelled to share it in case you are also stuck in a grey cloud cover. There can be many varied reasons for it, perhaps caused by physical discomfort, emotional distress, or both. As long as you know that you can climb higher above the clouds and find blue skies again, you do not have to get depressed and stay down. You might want to create your own metaphor, something which can help you leave the unwanted behind.

You are the pilot of your life, and you are in charge; that is powerful knowledge, and as long as you believe it and act accordingly, there is nothing which can bring you down for long.

I wish you a happy and joyous 2019 – flying high above the clouds into blue skies!

Silvia Coggin, CPC
Author and Founder of



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6 Responses to “Flying High”

  1. Mike

    I’m so pleased you are feeling better after being so ill, Silvia. It can be very hard to pull oneself up by the boot-strings and out from under gray skies or depression. Sometimes it takes a few words from a friend like you to help one do so.

  2. Silvia Coggin

    Dear Mike, It is not easy to pull oneself up, that’s for sure, and if my words can help, I feel deeply grateful. Thanks for your support and friendship.

  3. Robert Oro

    Debbie and I just had this conversation with a friend. We call it going down the “rabbit hole.”
    Yes we all do it but sometimes it is harder to get yourself out of it.
    Just last night as we watched the lunar eclipse Debbie started down the “rabbit hole” thinking about her mom’s poor health. She got herself out of it by thinking about flying and being able to see the lunar eclipse from a “better point of view.”
    Hi to Steve
    Love you guys
    Bob and Debbie

  4. Dee Powers

    Hi Silvia,
    It’s funny how I postponed reading this until now. It was very uplifting for me today. I also have been sick with breathing, bronchitis, and asthma problems. All the gloomy weather has been making me gloomy. Today it is finally sunny and I feel sunnier myself after reading this. Thanks for your wonderful words.

    • Silvia Coggin

      Hi Dee, I am so happy that my blog was helping. I didn’t know you had respiratory problems, and hope that you are feeling better. It is always a pleasure hearing from you, and maybe I’ll be able to see you during one of your visits. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you for being my friend and for supporting me with my writing.


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